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The Prairie Systems Group Resource Reservation Tool is a hosted application to support "shared resource" (like conference rooms or specialized equipment) management. Designed to replace sign-up sheets or calendars with a web-based application to facilitate resource reservation requests and usage co-ordination.
We are offering the beta version of the application at no charge to a select group of customers. Contact us at Prairie Systems Group for more information and implementation details.

Resource Reservation Tool

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re·source (rsôrs) n.
  1. Something that can be used for support or help.
  2. An available supply that can be drawn on when needed.
  3. The ability to deal with a difficult or troublesome situation effectively; initiative: a person of resource.
  4. Means that can be used to cope with a difficult situation.
res·er·va·tion (rzr-vshn) n.
  1. The act of reserving; a keeping back or withholding.
  2. Something that is kept back or withheld.
  3. A limiting qualification, condition, or exception.
tool (tl) n.
  1. A device, such as a saw, used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work.
  2. Something regarded as necessary to the carrying out of one's occupation or profession.
  3. Something used in the performance of an operation; an instrument.
  4. Computer Science. An application program, often one that creates, manipulates, modifies, or analyzes other programs.
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